Monday, February 11, 2008

White Day vs. Valentine,s Day

This is part of a longer post by An American Girl in Japan. The whole post was interesting, but I thought this was the best part:

- Valentine’s Day here (Japan), is for women to give men a gift or chocolate. There are lots of candies made especially for this day and many are marketed to men only, like Men’s Pocky, or Men’s Chocolate Bars. They are named as such. (as an aside, can you imagine what a field day equal rights activists would have here??) Men don't buy women gifts on Valentine's Day here. They reciprocate on “White Day”, which is in March. On that day, men are to buy gifts for women that are white – like white chocolate or marshmallows. The most interesting part is that the men are to return the favor “in triple”, which means their gift to women on White Day must be 3 times the amount of the gift given to them on Valentine’s Day.
Photo by Sister72

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lisa marie said...

Cool! So if I give him a pound of chocolate (which he doesn't like) he'll give me three pounds of marshmellows (which he does like, and I don't). Cool deal! :)

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