Monday, March 17, 2008

Backyard visitor

A morning visit, from a Mourning Dove.

Isn't she lovely, I caught her blinking.

Here are some facts about the Mourning Dove:

Scientific Name: Zenaida macroura.

Family: Pigeon.Length: 12 inches.

Wingspan: 18 inches.

Distinctive Markings: A brown, pigeon-like bird that is larger than an American robin, but smaller and slimmer than a pigeon. It has a long, pointed tail with white edges conspicuous in flight. Male and female look alike.

Nest: Commonly found in an evergreen, 10 to 25 feet above ground on a hotizontal branch. Builds a loose, bulky platform of sticks in which it lays two pure-white eggs. Pairs raise two to five broods each year.

Song: A coo that consists of five to seven notes: "coo-ah, cooo, cooo, coo."

Habitat: Open woods, evergreen plantations, orchards, farmlands, roadside trees and suburban backyards and gardens.

Diet: About 98 percent seeds and plant materials.

Backyard Favorites: Tray feeder filled with wild bird seed mix or cracked corn. They will visit birdbaths to drink and bathe.


Mel said...

COOL!!! That's an awesome blinking picture!!! So elegant.

lisa marie said...

I love to catch them with their eyes closed. :) Mourning Doves are under appreciated I think. :)

Lisa said...

That is a beautiful picture... and how cool that you caught the dove blinking!

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