Sunday, March 9, 2008

Catalog Overload

My home is rather casual. When the mail comes in, the bulk of it stays on the coffee table to be perused before tossing into the recycle bin. This past week we were doing a lot of entertaining, so all the bills and offers went on the desk as usual, and the mags and catalogs went into the office, too. I was amazed at the amount of junk mail that comes in, in one week. These are the catalogs, not the mags we subscribe to, that arrived last week.

Ballard Designs
Bike Nashbar
Coldwater Creek
Coward Shoes
Draper's & Damon's
Hammacher Schlemmer
Isabella Bird
J. Jill
Kinsman Company
Lands' End
Monterey Bay
North Style
Performance Bike
Plow & Hearth
Pottery Barn
Princess Cruises
Shaker Workshops
Stash Tea
The J. Peterman Company
The Tog Shop
The Vermont Country Store
Title Nine
Victoria's Secret
Viking River Cruises
Wayside Gardens
Wind and Weather
Winter Silks

At one point I listed with one of those services that tout they can stop delivery of unwanted catalogs. It didn't work, obviously; most of the catalogs I received last week, I attempted to stop their delivery. So now, they go into the recycling bin. I do have a disclaimer, I do most of my shopping on-line. After years of being a retail manager, going to the mall is not my favorite thing.


lisa marie said...

That's a lotta catalogs! I too listed with one of those sites and I have noticed an increas in our catalogs! Amazing!

customer service said...

Dear Customer,

Let me apologize for the amount of catalogues you have been receiving. I would be happy to help you out by removing your name and address from our catalogue mailings. I can set it up so your account will only receive email promotions from us if you would like. We would love to keep you as one of our one line shoppers.

We always enjoy hearing from our customers and hope you will visit again soon."

Michelle VanOrman
Customer Service Manager
The Vermont Country Store

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