Sunday, April 13, 2008

As The Garden Grows, Betty Boop

Nine and ½ years ago I planted four Betty Boop roses, right outside my back gate. I think they were the perfect roses hedge for that small spot between two neighboring garages and walkways. I was sold when I read this description in a Wayside Gardens catalog: "Redolent of sweet fruit, the 4-inch flowers are semi-double, with 6 to 12 broadly margined petals of creamy yellow with a broad, eye-catching red margin. They rebloom eagerly -- no need to deadhead -- on 3- to 5-foot, naturally rounded bushes.
The new spring foliage is a dapper dark red, maturing to glossy green. This floribunda needs almost no maintenance, yet sets blooms as large and beautiful as the most elegant Hybrid Tea -- even the buds are lovely, with a long, pointed shape!"

I repeat, no need to deadhead, almost no maintenance!!

This winter was rough on my roses, and one of the Betty Boops didn't make it. When I did my pruning, I saw the situation wasn't looking good, but ever the optimist, I left it in place, hoping Spring would offer hope.

This time hope didn't work out, but the other 3 bushes are doing great. New buds and roses showing off daily.

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