Thursday, April 24, 2008

Math, Bagel Style

I received in the local paper, delivered to my driveway, a white paper bag printed with an offer for 3 free bagels. The bagel shop is about a mile east of Barnes and Noble, so I went there after work a couple of days later. When I walked in the clerk spotted my white bag and asked in a friendly manner if I was here for my 3 free bagels.

Yes, I said, and I'd like some additional bagels. So, I told her which 3 I wanted for free, and added another 9, of three different varieties. When we got to the cash register, the clerk said, You know, you'll actually save money if you get 3 more bagels. The price for a dozen is less than 9 individually priced bagels.

OK, I said, give me 3 more, one of each of the varieties I've chosen. Off she went to retrieve them. Are you bored yet? She rang me up, and off I went.

When I go home I discovered BAGEL MATH !!!

This is what I thought I would have in my bag:

3 free + 12 paid = 15 bagels

This is what I had:
3 free + 12 paid = 17 bagels

I actually had 17 bagels! That's a whole lot of bagels. So, I portioned them into freezer bags, so I could bring a few out at a time and not have a lot of stale bagels. After all, there's only two of us, and 17 bagels is a lot of bagels.

Yes, I know my photo only has 13 bagels, I shot it for the number 13 assignment.


Mrs. G. said...

I think I might have paid much more attention to math in high school if bagels had been involved.

Chris & Allie said...

Are you sure you didn't just eat the missing 4?

Mel said...

I'm confused...and I was good at math:( Did she accidentally give you more bagels than you were suppose to get...for FREE??

Pamela said...

DARN.... I see that Chris & Allie were thinking the same thing I was.

(I guess, because that is what I would do)

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