Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ABC Wednesday - S

ABC Wednesday is brought to you by the Letter S.
S for Stool.
I have quite a few stools inside my house.
This stool I picked up in Vermont.
It's perfect for toddlers to sit on.

This Stool I have 2 of, when my Dad saw it he wanted one for his desert home.
When my Dad died, his widow didn't want it any more, so I took it.
I think my daughters would each like one of stools.

This stool, that Bob built for me, is by the front door.
We place books there, ready for donation.

This is the stool I sit on to do the family accounting.
Paying bills is such fun.. Ha, Ha.

And this final beauty is where I'm sitting now, at my pc.

Now visit Mrs. Nesbitt, to see all the other S's.


Carrie Sue said...

I think I said this before, but you really need to send me one of those heart stools. Now more than ever - our new bed is going to be really high, and you don't want me to hurt my back again... right? Blinking eyes at you. :)

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

I love all your Stools. Especially the first one. Very Smart S-choice.

Have a nice ABC-W.

Chris & Allie said...

I LOVE the block stool! I don't think I know anyone with more stools than you! Oh, and thank you for the wishes!

marlow said...

i dont know someone with so many stools , just today, thank you;)

Dina said...

An ABC stool, perfect for this ABC Wednesday. Great idea for kids to have such a big block/stool.

Ida said...

I like them all! :)

Andrée said...

Love these!! I have no idea why stools are so charming for me but they are. I love your collection here.

Powell River Books said...

Great stools, I love the alphabet block best. I am short, so I have lots of stools so I can reach things around the house, but none of them are as lovely as yours. I invite you to come see my stump pictures. -- Margy

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