Friday, May 2, 2008

For Bob, I love you

I Married You
by Linda Pastan,
from Queen of a Rainy Country

I married you
for all the wrong reasons,
charmed by your
dangerous family history,

by the innocent muscles, bulging
like hidden weapons
under your shirt,
by your naive ties, the colors
of painted scraps of sunset.

I was charmed too by your assumptions
about me: my serenity —
that mirror waiting to be cracked,
my flashy acrobatics with knives
in the kitchen.

How wrong we both were
about each other,
and how happy we have been.

Today is our 44th Wedding Anniversay.
In this 1967 photo, we'd been married 3 years.


Chris & Allie said...

Happy Anniversary! That is so neat! Congrats. (love the poem)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy HAPPY anniversary!

May 2nd is a good day indeed.

lisa marie said...

That is a lifetime! How wonderous! YOu two look so happy there too!

Mel said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Barb said...

Happy Anniversary...I love that you love your hubby so much and what a great photo.... hope you had a wonderful day

Pamela said...

sorry I'm a bit late
But you're still married .. right? hee hee.

Sticking to it for so many years really shows what kind of people you are.

Blessings on both of you - and the years yet to come!

countrymouse said...

This is just the sweetest thing : )
I think your poem captures every long term relationship.

Belated happy anniversary!

Jettie said...

I love your blog..Love the poem and the pic!!

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