Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holy Cow

This is a picture of our weather the past week:

Friday - 100°

Saturday - 100°

Sunday - 100°

Monday - 100°

Are you getting bored yet?

Tuesday - 80°

Wednesday - 70°

Thursday - 60°

And while Bob was out riding his bike today, the sky opened up and poured buckets of rain on him. Rain, thunder, lightning, and hail! Little bitty hail, but hail none the less, and he said it hurt. Our yard flooded momentarily, and he said the streets flash flooded, it was too much water for the drainage system. Good thing he was on his mountain bike, instead of his racing bike or his tri bike. I know the poor guy only has 3 bikes.


lisa marie said...

Oh my gosh! Wanna come visit Wisconsin? We hit 80 only a few days each summer. :) I love our cooler temps.

But it hailed on us while we were out hiking over the weekend. Ouch!

Vered said...

That's an amazing story!

My husband is an avid cycler. He says 3 bikes sound pretty good. ;)

Zoe said...

i am so very jealous. our heat is still on.

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