Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pay It Forward

Last week, Jenny at Stickyfeathers wanted to know what her readers "had done have done for someone else out of the kindness of your sweet little hearts!" I told her about my experience of being on the receiving end, and how I pay it forward.

This was about 12-15 years ago, I was at the grocers, early in the AM, on my way to work; picking up odds and ends I needed for my store. (I was a retail manager at Crabtree & Evelyn.) I hadn't brought store petty cash with me, so I was using my cash, and this was in the olden days, before debit cards. I was a dollar and change short of funds for my total. I was deciding what to put back, when the woman behind me in line gave the cashier what was needed. I was in my neighborhood, but didn't know this woman, and she wouldn't give me her info, so I could pay her back.

Since this happened to me, I pay for others who are a little short at the register. When I first started working at Barnes and Nobel, seven years ago, I frequently was a cashier. I always put extra money in my pocket, just in case. It was usually kids that were short money, and any child that reads is a good thing, so I made up the difference many times.

How about you? How do you pay it forward? What inspired you?
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Sandcastle Momma said...

I love that story! I was in line at a gas station many years ago and after the woman in front of me finished pumping her gas she put the nozzle on the ground and then pulled forward. She came running back to my car and said that she left the pump on because she felt in her heart that God was telling her to buy me a tank of gas. I tried to object but she wouldn't have any part of it and actually pumped a full tank into my car for me - on her credit card. The funny thing is that we were really struggling financially and I needed that gas more than she could have known. Since then I have done the same thing for other people and it really does feel good. Now that gas is so expensive I might have to try it at the grocery store instead LOL

lisa marie said...

That's a great story and so is s.mama's. Wow! I don't have a similar story. :( I try to be kind and do things for people but I don't have something that jumps out in my mind. :(

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