Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remember Chappaquiddick - 2

On November 4, 1979, CBS presented a one-hour special entitled "Teddy", during which the journey from the cottage to Dike Bridge was retraced by a car-mounted camera. As the car makes a sharp turn off the main road toward the bridge, the camera jumped up and down because of the rougher surface of the new road. According to one account, this suggested to viewers that Kennedy could not have been telling the truth when he said that he was unaware that he had taken a wrong turn.[5] This was one factor that led to Carter defeating Kennedy for the nomination.[5]
It is widely believed that the Chappaquiddick incident was the major factor in Kennedy's decision not to run for president in 1972.[who?] The case resulted in much satire of Kennedy, including a National Lampoon page showing a floating Volkswagen Beetle with the remark that Kennedy would have been elected president had he been driving a Beetle that night; this satire resulted in legal action by Volkswagen, claiming unauthorized use of its trademark.[10]

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hkat said...

i was appalled by your opening line to this article. i firmly believe that you need to measure your words before putting pen to paper, so to speak. having enjoyed the book reviews, your seemingly perfect life, and whatever else, i was somewhat shocked by the venom spewing from your words. my grandmother offered the advice that you need to be careful about what you wish for others, it may come back on you.

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