Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Pals

Lots of children have pen pals. It's something I never did. I had plenty of friends and cousins to hang out with. I also don't remember my daughters ever having pen pals.

A friend of my friend Carolyn was trying to explain to her about why he blogs. He's in his 60's and a widower, and he compared blogging to having pen pals; and I think that is a good analogy. It is a way to 'meet' new people, many who share a commonality.

I started blogging after my daughter moved across the country. She started a blog as a way to keep in touch, and I followed suit. It doesn't replace a visit or a phone call, but it's a good substitute, with visuals.

I've made a couple of good blog friends, and I've sure there are more in the offing. I enjoy discovering a new blog that seems interesting. I'll put it in my reader and see if the interest holds up. Sometimes it's a short ‘friendship’, sometimes it's lengthy. If I find myself looking forward to the next post, that blog will probably never leave my reader. If I find myself getting bored, I delete it. This is pretty pain-free for me and the other blogger.

I also strive to make my blog a lot like me, hard to pigeon-hole. I also, try to keep the prose clean, something I don't worry about, normally.

This is an odd post, I know, but I'm odd, and I'll just keep blogging about what I like.

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lisa marie said...

I totally feel like blogging is like pen-palling. I had two pen pals through Jr High and High School, I've always loved writing and I absolutely agree that blogging just feels like letters to my friends. I try to keep my blog like me, even in my incorrectnesses. :)

Vered said...

Very timely for me! I am writing a post for tomorrow about finding a community through blogging. I am going to link to this post.

Vered said...

Oh, and your "cuss level" is lower than mine! Mine is up to 1.4% following a few recent comments that were left on my blog. :)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Eek. I cuss 74% more than the other blogs that took that test.


Alison said...

I feel the same way!!

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