Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last night

Last night, we went to see The Storm, our local minor league team.
If possible, we always go to a ball game when Oden is here.
We get to the stadium early,

so Oden can get autographs of future stars.

Last night, the Navy Seals dropped in.

And Thunder surfed in, on top of an old Chevy stationwagon.

We left early, 9PM, the game was still going strong,

our team was ahead, and it was 90°.


dot said...

Oh wow, those are great pictures! I love the ball games too but out of three Atlanta Braves games I burn up, froze, and got rained on. Then we tried a minor league game and oh it was so hot. Maybe I'm just too old!
I laughed when I saw your "mouth" picture on Picture This today. I did the same picture of my husband but I decided his grandson had a better looking mouth.

ALF said...

That looks like lots of fun. When we lived in Florida we were near several minor league stadiums and it was so much fun going to the games - not to expensive and great entertainment!

Attila The Mom said...

Oh how nifty, and what fabulous pictures!

Chris & Allie said...

This looks like so much fun! But, the eyes on your husband's hat are freaking me out!

lisa marie said...

Huh? Wait. . . 90 degrees at 9 pm?!?!?! Is it insane? I would surely melt away.

Oden and his grandpa look extremely happy! When you said "drop in" you really meant it. :)

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