Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun Monday - Walls

P is for Prytz Family.

These two photos are in my office.

The top one is Babe Ruth paying his bail at the Long Beach Police Department.
The bottom on is Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, duck hunting with a local car dealer, Glenn E. Thomas.

I love Cowboys, and these two prints of photos by Douglas Kent Hall, are in our bedroom.

And, below is the wall of bikes, and wheels, in the garage.

This is the art in our dining room.
The first on is one of Bob's watercolors.

I love this print; with it in the room, I don't think you really need a window.
I've had it for about 35 years.

These two are on the side and back of the niche for our TV.

As you might guess, I love Black and White Photography.

In the Living Room, we have lots of mirrors.
They bounce the light around in a small room.

In the guest room, used mostly by grandchildren,
we have a couple of groupings.

Thanks for visiting, now check out everyone else's walls.


ChrisB said...

I don't think I've ever managed to comment first on a Fun Monday post!

I love your 'P' and all the mirrors (in our previous house we had a whole wall of mirror tiles to make the bathroom look more spacious-what I didn't think about was having to look at myself rather more closely than I like~ not good when you have a cuddly body!!)
You have a lovely collection of pictures, family art work is a real treasure, I have a lot around my house. B&W photos are very striking.
Thank you for hosting this week.

Anonymous said...

This is a large collection of decoration on the walls. So many mirrors, prints, personal art, etc.

They are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us the FM.

Cazzie!!! said...

Those mirrors are wonderful!

Dina said...

Such nice walls. Good house to live in.
Welcome to Picture This blog.
Shalom from Jerusalem Hills.

hulagirlatheart said...

Oh, these are wonderful! I especially love the cowboy prints.

ellen b. said...

Love your walls Jan. All the mirrors are fabulous. Your cowboy collection is great. Enjoy your week and thanks for hosting...

Grand Life said...

Love your black and white prints.
You have a beautiful home. You have a real talent for decorating.
Thanks for hosting today. Have a great week.

Gattina said...

All walls are very nicely decorated and the pictures quite original but I love especially the second water color painting !

Molly said...

Thank you, thank you for hosting this Fun Monday. I like black and white photographs too. Color photography is fine, but black and white with the shadows and light offer a dramatic perspective not often captured in color photos. Your mirrors do enhance your lovely home.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Gorgeous pictures and mirrors. I love the cowboy boots. Sorry my post is a little cheesy this week. It made me realize I need to invest in some new stuff for our walls. We have a ton of photos which I love buy I don't blog pictures of my little monkeys so I was a bit stuck. Hope that's ok. :)

Betty said...

I enjoyed seeing what's on your walls. I especially liked the mirrors and liked the last one you showed the best. It is so unusual looking. Mine is up.

the planet of janet said...

ohh i love all your artwork.

this was a FUN fun monday topic!!!!

Cori G. said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks for welcoming me to Fun Monday. Mondays are always a bit hectic but, this is a nice change.
I love all your black and whites and the one your husband did is gorgeous. He's so talented!
See you again soon!

Faye said...

What eclectic walls the Prytzes have! I had to enlarge Bob's watercolor to get a better look at his brushwork--love the limited use of color. You must enjoy his work as well Jan with your leanings toward black and white works.
This is the first post I've read--am eager to learn about other Fun Monday participants by what they have on their walls. good topic.

Mariposa said...

I love your mirrors!!! I love this theme...thanks for the wonderful idea!

Rose said...

Love the mirrors; I'm a fan of them also. Thanks for hosting, and sorry my entry fell through.

lisa marie said...

How did I miss your walls? Wow you have lots of neat things on them. I love all of your art and prints and even your mirrors.

I esp love that you have some of Bob's painting up. :)

Junebug said...

I love your photos. We were without internet yesterday so I had to wait until to today to put mine up and I only managed photos from my bedroom. But believe me, that was enough. :D

Pamela said...

I'm sorry I missed the wall fun. I was up against the wall with computer problems. (:

Love your walls. Love Bob's watercolor. I need to get mine out and do some

Peter said...

Very nice photos of your walls Jan.

storyteller said...

I can’t believe I almost missed YOUR Fun Monday ‘Walls’ post, but I’m glad I noticed it today as I’m trying to clear posts out of Google Reader (I’m down to 775 from 1000+ when I started a while ago). You have such unique spaces and wonderful things displayed in your home interesting groupings. It’s no wonder you came up with this fascinating challenge for all of us. I posted late Monday … then revised my post on Tuesday afternoon (after learning some cool ways to ‘enhance’ photos in Tuesday morning’s class) … then created a collage of before and after photos to share as my almost WW post today. Thanks for sharing who’s hosting NEXT week so I can plan ahead. I often don’t know what the task is until I visit someone on Monday … then I’m scrambling to pull something together and get it posted (as happened this week).
Hugs and blessings,

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