Friday, June 13, 2008

Good News

Our trip to Scripp's Green Hospital, today was totally wonderful. We've been there before and were always happy with Bob's treatment and the staff's professionalism, and today was no exception.

Our good news is that nothing further needs to be done regarding Bob's heart. Yippee! The problem discerned in the local cardiologist office turned out to be scar tissue that the surgeon wasn't concerned with. This clears the way for Bob to have back surgery this summer.

The Green Hospital is in La Jolla, and golfers know the U.S. Open is happening in La Jolla, this week. Here are some shots from the hospital patio.

A coral tree on the patio.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything went well.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

That's very good news!

lisa marie said...

If you would believe it I spent the entire day yesterday photographing golfers for a cancer benefit.

lisa marie said...

Dang I clicked too soon.

Glad Bob's heart situation is ok and that he can have the back surgery as planned. :)

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