Thursday, July 17, 2008

Give Away(s)

July has been Give Away month for me. It's not over, but here's an update of who has won items, so far.

The Socks, the wonderful socks. I had several packages, and here are the lucky people:

Mrs. G, Derfwad Manor

Barb, Spotlis (Canada)

Lisa Marie, Lisa's Chaos

Alison, RDH Mom and daughter Cassie

Jen, Half-Baked Brownie Guider (UK)

The Given Day, by Dennis Lehane, was mailed to Judy from GrandLife. She also won the Terracotta Warrior playing cards.

Heart in the Right Place, by Carolyn Jourdan, was shipped off to Allie from The Chambers Family. She's always very lucky, here. I think it's her excellent karma.

This morning I notified Oliver Rain that she'd won The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. As soon as I hear from her, I'll get it in the mail.

So, that's the update. There're 3 more Give Aways, so far, this month. If you're interested check them out. One is a cookbook, some Children's books, and America, America by Ethan Canin.


lisaschaos said...

Not sure if you got my email but I got the lovely socks and they are SO fun! I can't wait for cooler weather to wear them. I think they might look a little silly with my crops. :)

The Guider said...

I got my socks too, and they are just as fab as they looked on your blog. Thanks so much - even here in the UK it is too hot to wear them right now but give it a few weeks...or days...or hours...

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