Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday Night

Last night Sharon met us at the Storm game. Oden is staying with us this week and it was Storm Hat Give Away night, so we all go a brand new white baseball cap. When we first got there, before the stands filled up, I tried to get a group shot of the four of us, using the tried and true, extend the arm method. Of course, it didn't work! No, kidding. Plus, Oden got weird with a pen, and his nose.

The Storm professional photographer, a nice young man walked by,

and offered to snap a photo.
Much better, but still with the damn pen!!!

When I threatened Oden with his well-being, he relented for this shot. Good thing, too.

The stadium was a sea of white hats.


Chris & Allie said...

My 8 year old does things like that all the time, and I have to threaten him with his life just to get a good picture too. Funny. Your daughter is beautiful.

lisaschaos said...

That looks like total fun! I'm glad Oden straightened his bad self up. :) Cool hat!

klasieprof said...

SWEET! I love and miss baseball games. When I lived in OKC, the 89er's rocked. I have 3 sort of close to me...I need to make it a priority to go this summer.
NICE pics!

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