Sunday, July 13, 2008

Small World

I was working at the Customer Service desk at Barnes and Noble, last week, when I saw a woman I thought I recognized. She kept looking my way, too, so I thought there was a good chance we really did know each other. Finally, it dawned on me who she was. I approached her and asked, "Did you work for me 20 years ago at Victoria's Secret?" "Yes," she said, "I couldn't figure out where I knew you from." "Your name is Kara, and you're a ballerina."

Kara is now 39, no longer a ballerina, but she is a Mom of three beautiful girls, who she proudly introduced me to. I was a retail manager for over 7 years, and Kara is one of the few sales associates I actually remember. She was a hard worker, a nice teenager, she was an Angel in the Glory of Christmas Pageant at the Crystal Cathedral, and she was, and is, beautiful; the kind of beauty that glows, from the inside. We spent a few minutes catching up, and I went back to work, and she rounded up her daughters, and went to find her husband.

It really is a small world.


jenontheedge said...

Oh how funny.

My husband once ran into one of my high school classmates on the ferry across the English Channel.

It is a small world indeed.

lisaschaos said...

It's so much fun to run into people from the past. Usually anyway. :)

Saucy said...

I love small world stories. My mom and dad went on a European vacation (twice, actually) and both times they ran into a couple from my mom's hometown.

On the second trip, no sooner did my dad say "at least we won't run into the Smiths (or-whatever-their-names are) and within an hour, there they were, at stonehenge. Hmmmm.

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