Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mary Alice did a recent post on stereotyping. I love Mary Alice and I really loved her post. It reminded me of years ago when I was in the automotive business; I'd been with Pennzoil for years, working part-time, and when I wanted to go full time with them, it just didn't work out. (In order to work for them full time, I had to start driving an oil delivery truck. You can understand my problem with that.) I then worked for a rare-coin dealer as the office manager for a year, before going back to the car business, which I loved.

I worked for a manufacturer. I started as the secretary, that meant I was the whole clerical staff, secretary, receptionist, bookkeeper and cashier. The longer I stayed with them, the more responsibility I took on, and soon I was on the service drive dealing with customers, and diagnosing problems, and I was going in the field making sales calls at car dealerships. In other words, I was doing a girl job, and a boy job, at the same time.

All the guys I worked with knew I was married. They knew Bob was a police detective with LAPD; but I didn't go to Bob's work, and he didn't come to mine. Part of that was hours and distance; he worked in Watts, and I worked in Orange County, about 40 miles apart, we lived in the middle, and we both worked about the same schedule.

Finally, one day Bob came to my shop. The guys at work really liked Bob, of course, but they all said they would have never picked him out as my husband. He didn't look tough enough; he looked like a minister or insurance salesman. They were wrong, of course; Bob is tough enough to be married to me, and his mild appearance helped him all thru his police career.


dot said...

That was interesting!
I'm really enjoying all your pictures on my two blogs. You are like Daryl, you seem to have a talent for photography. Thanks!

lisaschaos said...

Yeah, he looks like a nice guy, not a tough guy. Maybe you've mellowed him over he years?

Oliver Rain said...

He does look like a good guy. I love when women do jobs that are traditionally mens. I briefly thought about becoming a truck driver just because it was what my dad did. Alas, I turned out to be a not so good driver, so instead I'm going to be a nurse!

storyteller said...

Funny how we get 'pictures' in our minds of how people appear and when the mental images clash with reality, we're surprised. I enjoyed learning more about you today. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

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