Sunday, July 6, 2008


The Fifth of July was a very busy one for us. First, I created a really great recipe to take to Aunt Vicky's for our annual family get-together. Attendance was down this year, there are usually 50-60 relatives from all over the U.S., this year it was closer to 40-45. But the good news is that a great time was had by all who attended. Plus, there was enough food for an army.

There was one mishap, created by moi, when Sharon called in the AM for directions to Aunt Vicky's, I used MapQuest to help her, I know better, I should have pulled out the Thomas Guide. I actually use MapQuest a lot, it can get you across the country, no problem, but the directions at the very end of your journey may not be accurate. So, that's what happened, yesterday, luckily she's not only beautiful and intelligent, she's tenacious, and found her way to the party, on her own.

After Aunt Vicky's we went home and fed the dogs, said sorry Lizzie and Dudley, we're leaving again. We went to a Storm baseball game. Oden's staying with us for a week, and that's one of his fave thing to do. It was a great game and we stayed to the end for the fireworks.

It was Storm jersey give away night, but they didn't anticipate such a large turn out and they ran out before we passed thru the turnstiles.

File this part under People are Really Good; after the game, as we were walking thru the parking lot to our car, a man asked if we'd gotten jerseys; when we said no, he gave Oden one. Oden was thrilled, he said,
This is the best, ever!

Anything can happen at a Class A minor leage baseball game, anything. Last night there were at least three gouls lurking about. Amazing.


Chris & Allie said...

There ARE still good people out there. Me being the lame Mom that I am, I forgot to get fireworks for the kids when we went down to wait for the big fireworks. They were the only kids who didn't have any. Some very nice adults next to us gave all of theirs to my kids. It made their night.

Grand Life said...

Just enjoying myself as I scroll through your past 10 or 12 posts. Discovered you are a Democrat--Yea. Sometimes I feel like the lone Democrat in a Red state. Fortunately I also spend 6 months in a blue state so that helps. I also love your WW I scarf/pillowcover that you bought at a sale several years ago. I love the articles my Grandfather brought back.

lisaschaos said...

The ghouls totally freak me out. I would have to run away!

Alison said...

sounds like you had a wonderful day and that recipe sounds delicious. I love hearing positive stories like this one, it gives me hope in mankind.

Saucy said...

We love minor league baseball too. Veto dabbled in it years ago.

Hootin' Anni said...

Well, I'm here from Fun Monday and looking for a 'fishy' tale, but I couldn't resist this post of yours.

Sounds like ONE great reunion!

And the ghouls? Wow...awesome.

Mel said...

This looks like SO much fun!!! I need to find someone to go to a baseball game with me!!! What a nice guy to give your grandson a jersey!

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