Saturday, August 2, 2008

frustrated with Blogger

Yesterday, I started having trouble with Blogger. I first noticed it in my Reader; I wasn't able to access about 1/2 of those I wanted to leave a comment on. This morning is about the same and I'm frustrated. I'm not a compulsive commenter; I'm more the type that leaves a comment when I have something to say. In other words, I try not to just comment just for the sake of commenting; kinda like I try to not be on of those who "talks just to hear herself talk". So, I'll be around to comment, whenever this gets straightened out.
Plus, I can't even access the two photo blogs I contribute to. Oddly, I can post, from my dashboard, but not view! Maybe you can: they're The World in Black and White and Picture This. Hope this gets fixed, fast.
Photo by gin_able, on flickr


lisaschaos said...

I can see you! It seems all blogs have their own little spats sometimes. I hope it fixes itself soon!

storyteller said...

Sorry you’re having difficulty and hope things straighten out for you soon. I’ve had my own hassles with Blogger periodically … often when no one else seems to be experiencing problems. Interestingly yesterday and today it’s treated me just fine. I wonder how that happens? I love this ‘elephant’ two-some. Looks like they’re telling secrets.
Hugs and blessings,

dot said...

I've been really enjoying your animal pictures.
I had to post on a computer help forum to find out what was wrong. I guess someone fixed the problem after I deleted all my sitemeters. lol

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