Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Guide to Literature From Wasilla, Alaska has created an unusual category in the book world, one without a BISAC subject code: Wasilla Lit, that is, books by and about the Alaska town that is the hometown of Governor Sarah Palin, Republican nominee for Vice President.

AbeBooks wrote: "Forget about that Sarah Palin book banning controversy, this tiny town is a publishing powerhouse . . . well, perhaps not a powerhouse but it certainly leads the way in books about hunting. Aside from putting animals in the telescopic sights, 'Wasilla Lit' covers many parts of the book spectrum--there are publishers, a major cartoonist, and an optometrist who writes about his adventures. There's even an author from Wasilla writing about the post-modern meaning of modern life."

This is from; they were recently bougth by Amazon, click the link to see the bookcovers.

Here's a list of the top eleven titles:

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