Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun Monday

The very poetic Cassie, daughter of Alison is hosting this week. You can find all the other closet-sharers here.

Cassie wants to know what our closets look like. This is the closet in our master bedroom. We really had to consulidate, when we moved here, ten years ago; but we managed.

Above is my side of the closet, and below is Bob's. He has less clothes, so he has less space; makes sense to me! We got all the organizational things for this and two other closets, at The Container Store, in case you're interested. It's a great place for the DIY-er.

I have a funny story about The Container Store. About 20 years ago, before the chain was in California, I flew into Dallas to attend a wedding. I stayed with great friends, the parents of the groom, Bud and Shirley. One day we were out and about, and Shirley said to me, Do you want to go to The Container Store? I had no idea what The Container Store was, I was thinking maybe it was a "package" store, (like a liquor store). I'd spent plenty of time in TX, and I know they're like CA, a different type of country. I said, Sure. Imagine my delight at finding out what it actually was.


Hootin' Anni said...

Looks fine to me! I'm not 'into' cleaning closets at all. Yours looks very well organized.

Come see my mess. It's posted this morning.

Happy Fun Monday.

karisma said...

I want/NEED to go to the Container store! My closet is such a waste of space at the moment! Now yours looks totally functional! I must get this sorted! LOL! I do have a similar set up in my kitchen pantry! Thats a start isn't it?

{i}Post said...

Love the organizers! We could use some of those!

Faye said...

I too loved the Container Store for my annual organizational frenzy--then it closed to Wal-mart. Sad.

I've always wanted those wire dividers in my closet. What a pleasure to just walk in the closet and get dress instead of having to dig.

Tiggerlane said...

Lots of clothes in there! Wow! I need to go to the Container Store. AND the liquor store.

Sayre said...

I wonder if we have a Container Store here? I have tried lots of different ways to organize, but honestly, until I get my very own closet, it's gonna be pretty messy no matter what I do!

I'm impressed that you can share with your husband and feel happy about your closet. Neat trick!

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Nice closet Jan!

the planet of janet said...

looks pretty tidy to me.

perhaps the container store could help me ... except for the "beyond help" part. ;-)

jsi said...

That is some closet.
My husband and I share a closest, too, but it the reverse situation.
I have less clothes...I have less space.
But I have plenty of room for my shoes.

Thanks for sharing - it takes a certain level of bravery and courage to photograph our closets.

lisaschaos said...

Reminds me of my old closet. My one now is just blah, but I like yours. :) I have never been to the Container Store but I bet it is TONS of fun!

Alison said...

you have a big closet!! I want one that big!! it totally makes sense that he gets less space than you.

thanks for playing this week.

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