Thursday, October 23, 2008

Such a deal

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I found this savings tip at
Blissfully Domestic.  I thought it'd be great to pass-on.  The article was by Mindy of Moms Need To Know:

"You can get $25 Gift Certicificates to local restaurants for only $4
 through 10/26/08 when you visit and use the code:  SAVOR at checkout.  Just make sure to check out any restrictions provided by the individual restaurants!  Some require a minimum purchase before you may use the coupon.  However, for many restaurants, this may not be an issue.  The restaurant that we chose required a minimum purchase of $35, but the average entree was $20 anyway!"

We live is such a small, non-urban area, there was nothing interesting for us, but I stocked up on gifts, (don't read this if you're my daughter).  Keep in mind the ending date of 10/26/08.

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