Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dragon Fruit

I met an avocado grower the other day, and learned that he and his wife are slowly replacing their avocado trees with Dragon Fruit. I'd never heard of Dragon Fruit, have you? Among other things, he told me he and his wife would be at the Fallbrook Farmer's Market that week.

So, Bob and I had an adventure. We'd never been to this Farmer's Market, and it turned out to be very small; only about 8 vendors, and only two vendors sold food. But we had a great time and bought one dragon fruit and one plant. The plant is a succulent, and since I have good luck with them; I thought why not?

The fruit is very large, this is a 9" plate! The taste is hard to describe, but to me it was like eating a pear-watermelon-kiwi, with poppy seeds. It wasn't overly sweet, just very interesting.

The avocado growers Gerhard Kesslau & Linda Nickerson were very nice and in addition to growing avocados and dragon fruit, they sell honey. I love honey, so I bought some of that, too.

If you're interested, they don't have a website, but their phone # is 760 461-0320, and email is LLNickers at Juno dot com.


Wammy said...

If I look at the picture of the dragon fruit upside down it looks like a red rose bud. Looks very interesting inside also. I don't think I could bget the fam to try that one. It would look great in some kind of table arrangement. Interesting...I love farmers markets and flea markets.

Allie said...

I've only heard Of tasted dragon fruit in a starburst I think. I love the look of it!!

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