Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun Monday,

Bee Dancer is our hostess with the mostest, today, and this is what she wants - "I'm relatively new to blogging, & I'm sure this has come up before, but I'd really like to know WHY you blog. Tell me how you got started or why you got started and why you keep it up. Plus there's a photo requirement: Post a picture of the one person/place/thing that most symbolizes the town or area where you live."

I started a blog, after my daughter Carrie and her family moved to the other side of the country. Bob and I were both heart-broken to have them leave, but we never said so, and even helped them move. Blogging became an easy way to keep in touch; Carrie had a blog, so I started one, too. I really enjoyed blogging and soon joined Fun Monday. I play most weeks and I've met a wonderful community of bloggers.

Before I started blogging I'd had a book review web-site for 4 years, and soon transferred to a blog format, Loves Books and Tea, because it was so much more user friendly and I could post the book jackets of the books I reviewed. I did the same with my recipe web-site; it became Jan's Kitchen, a blog.

I keep blogging for several reasons:
  • One is the wonderful community of bloggers I've met, and consider friends.

  • Another is blogging has let me rediscover my love of photography. I've started a photo blog, Murrieta365, because I enjoy all the photo meme's so much, they've taken over the family blog.

  • Probably the last reason is sometimes a gal just has something to say, and the blog is a good place to say it.

  • So, now I have 4 blogs that cover my main interests.

I hope that covers the blogging part of this Fun Monday.

Now for the photo requirement. I live in an old town, but it's kept pace with the times and has grown to over 100,000 people. There's always something new going up, but the town is very traditional and that makes it a great place to live. Our town, Murrieta, has both suburban and rural areas, and a wonderful Nature Preserve, the Santa Rosa Plateau. One of the Plateaus' highlights are many rare Englemann Oaks; and here's one:


Dianne said...

this was a great read. I've been enjoying your photos and posts for a while now but didnt't know about the books and recipes

I love all your reasons for blogging.

Allie said...

I for one am glad that you started blogging. ;)

Sayre said...

Gorgeous tree - reminds me of our live oaks around here! Happily, the city and the people treasure them and there is always a great howl generated when one must be cut down.

Blogging is fun, isn't it? And a great way to stay in touch with loved ones far away.

Oliver Rain said...

Beautiful photo. One of the main reasons I continue to blog is the wonderful group of people I've met. I enjoy seeing what everyone has to say and occasionally vent my feelings about some injustice that has occurred throughout my day. I've started to enjoy photography more too, though I have a long way to go.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

One blog is hard enough for me to cope with, although I also have two others. Funnily enough, one of recipes and another on photography! I really must resurrrect them.

Janis said...

Seems we share part of a name. Looks like we share the same reasons for blogging. Your photo of the tree is very good. I love seeing photos of all the different places our blogging friends are from.

storyteller said...

How intriguing to learn the various ways we came to ‘blogging’ in this Fun Monday post! I love the photo of the beautiful old tree ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

hulagirlatheart said...

Oh how I'd like to plop down under that tree with a good book and a glass of tea.

Alison said...

I love oak trees...they are very majestic and magical.

I am so glad to have found you through our blogs!!

Faye said...

What a noble tree! It looks ancient. I'm so glad people include a list of books they're readingon sidebars. How often have you looked at someone's bookshelf, real or virtual, and thought "so that's way I enjoy this person's blog."

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