Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm doing fairly well with NaBloPoMo, I knew it'd be a challenge because I moved my photo meme's to 365; but I'm always up to a challenge. Today, I'm throwing in some of my favorite photos from this past week. A lot of my photos I take with in a mile of the house, while I'm walking the dogs. The last two of the morning sky and artichoke blossom are local shots. The first three are in La Jolla, when we were there for Bob's appointment. The sunset shot, at Rosa's, is where we go for Taco Tuesday, right after I teach Tai Chi, most Tuesdays; it's become a tradition.

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Martha said...

Beautiful photos!
I went one step beyond NaBloPoMo, I'm doing a weekend blogathon on top of it!

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