Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last week

I posted about our Thanksgiving here. We had a great time. It was make even better because Carrie paid us a surprise visit from North Carolina. We went out to eat a few of times. Once Bob and Carrie went to lunch and a movie. Her visit was unexpected and very welcome; we'd missed our annual trip to her house this year because of Bob's surgery.

My Mom wasn't planning on coming to our house for Thanksgiving, but when she heard Carrie was here, she changed her plans. So we had a wonderful dinner and a great visit.

This is not the greatest picture in the world, but it was taken on Thanksgiving by Oden, our budding photog. Sharon, Bob and Carrie, full and contented after the big meal.

This is me and my Mom and Oden and my Mom. Oden calls her Triple G, for Great Grandma Grace.

Yesterday, Bob said to me, "Boy it sure is quiet here, now that Carrie's gone home."
I absolutely was NOT going to post this photo of my two geeks, but Carrie did, so I will. Read her explaination, if you are curious.

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