Saturday, December 13, 2008

Looking for a homemade quickie

I gave this mix as part of my home-made Christmas gifts, in the past.  Today, I gave a jar of the mix to one of my co-workers who had told me she loves hot cocoa.  It's super easy, and makes a nice presentation.  

Hot Chocolate Mix

• 5 ½ cups dry non-fat milk powder
• 2 ½ cups pre-sweetened cocoa powder
• ¾ cup powdered non-dairy creamer

Combine all ingredients; mix thoroughly. Store in an airtight

For each serving, combine 1/3 cup of mix with 1 cup boiling
water. Stir to dissolve mixture. ENJOY!

For gifts, pour into pint or quart sized canning jars, attach a tag with the directions, and you're good to go.  After all, who doesn't like hot cocoa? 

Hot Cocoa Mix

Put 1/2 cup cocoa mix in a mug
Stir in 1 cup of boiling water
Top with Cool Whip or whipping

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