Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rain, come and gone

Yesterday, we had A LOT of rain, of course we really needed it. We always need rain in Southern California. When I left work at 6 PM, it was really pouring; I was sopped by the time I got to my car. On the freeway, no one drove over 50 miles an hour, quite unusual for here. Everyone was being very cautious. The above photo was snapped while sitting on the exit ramp, almost home.

Once I exited the freeway, all the traffic lights were out. Not working. No red lights, no green lights. Again, all the drivers were very cautious and most courteous. It took forever to get home, but because everyone co-operated, I wasn't frazzled.

Below are a couple of photos from my rose garden, this morning. All the plants took a beating, but are thankful for the rain water.

Today, I'm off to Seal Beach, to bring my Mom her Christmas and Birthday gifts. Her birthday is December 24th, she'll be 87. She usually spends Christmas Day with us, but has decided to spend it with my newphew, who just moved into his first house.

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