Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're looking forward to the New Year

2008 has been a great year for Bob and I.

I think the most important thing for Bob was getting his back fixed and the hope for a more athletic 2009. He's always been an athlete and being side-lined with pain has been the pits. Now he's seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and should be able to resume his "normal" activities by February. He's also suffering from severe anemia, due to diabetes complications; and it appears that's being taken care of, as well. I still have my fingers crossed on that one. His life is full of Dr. appointments, now, as many as 5-6 a week. The good part of that is he has a life! Two years ago, he had 5 stints put in his heart, probably avoiding a major heart attack or stroke. Yeah, for modern medicine.

Other good news for us, we both got older. Having birthdays and getting older is a great thing.

For me, personally, this year has been great. Nothing major went wrong, I chose to work less, re-discovered my love of photography, and read 148 books. I also, if you're reading this you'll agree, blogged a lot. In addition to the Book Review blog, Loves Books and Tea, (my first) and the recipe blog, I started a photo blog. The two I update regularly are this one and Murrieta365; where I post at least one photo every day; most taken right here in Murrieta.

2008 was a stay at home year for us; because of Bob's health problems we didn't travel, but we're already talking about doing some traveling in 2009. I sure hope so. Most likely we'll stay in the US, maybe Canada. I know I'm going to NYC, in May for the BEA, and Bob thinks he wants to come with me, instead of staying at home, like he did in 2008, when it was in L.A.; and we want to go to North Carolina to see Carrie, Ole, Erin and Brett. We usually travel a lot, so in '09, I hope to make up for lost time.

That's my little re-cap. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.

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