Friday, January 16, 2009


We all know how much advice is worth, especially unsolicited advice.  Recently, I read a post on Blissfully Domestic titled Best & Worse Marriage Advice.  The author mentioned that this was some of the worst advice that had been posted:

“The worst advice came from a “friend”.  "She told me that I should always remain independent of my husband.  She told me that she did not need her husband.”

I have to say, I think this is great advice.  Marriage should be an equal partnership; not a needy relationship.  Each partner should be able to act independently, and be strong enough to survive without the other.  Each partner should be prepared to support and help the other, any time it's necessary.  This support should never by 24/7, unless there is an unusual need; in other words, not every day; but as needed.

I really don't need my husband, Bob, nor does he need me.  We each are very capable of living without the other.  However, we really like each other, in addition to loving each other, so we stay married and have a wonderful full life, without dependency.  We actually like being married.

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