Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Mineral Makeup!

Saw this, here, followed the directions, paid shipping, FREE stuff is on the way.

If you've been curious about mineral makeup, give it a try, shipping for me was under $3.50.  Here's the important part of the posting:

EverydayMinerals offers a free sample kit of mineral makeup. I've gotten it a few times as I've tried different shades and colors, and I am really impressed with their makeup!  The sample kit comes with three sample pots of foundation, one sample pot of blush, and one sample pot of concealor.  In my experience the foundation lasts about 10 days, while the blush and concealer can last up to a month.  You only pay for shipping, about $3.50.

I'm also a huge fan of their brushes!  They are so silky smooth, feel good in my hands and on my face and hold up well to repeated use.  I started buying one brush with each sample kit order, and slowly have gathered a nice collection of professional brushes. Nothing on their website is expensive, and I've heard many a Bare Minerals' customer say that Everyday Minerals is better!

To check them out, follow these steps:

  1. Go to EverydayMinerals.com and click on makeup.
  2. Choose Custom Kits.
  3. Scroll down to Sample kit.  Click Add to Cart.
  4. Go back to the top and select Makeup–Base.
  5. Scroll through the shades and select your favorite.  To add to your cart, don't do it by clicking on the item and adding it to the cart–you'll pay full price.  Instead, click on the small version down on the page (not in the top highlight) and drag it to the Shopping cart in the righthand column, middle of the page.  This is how you select all of your samples.
  6. When all samples are in your cart, click Check Out.  No codes needed!

It usually takes under a week for your samples to arrive.  Enjoy!

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