Tuesday, January 6, 2009


One of my blogger friends, Darla, sent an email this morning requesting prayer for her son.  The email follows; it included photos, which are horrific.  Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.


My son was a victim of Home Invasion last night.  He was hit in the head with an assault rifle, made to walk around his home and hand over things then he and three of his friends were made to sit in the bathroom and count to 100 while the intruders completely ripped off his home, even the food in the fridge.  It took the physician 45 minutes to stop the bleeding, so many sutures inside that the physician lost count and then sutured the top.  Yesterday I found out our 14 year old has pnuemonia, then my 24 year old called from out of town upset because she was watching an apt building across the street from her burn, and then I get a call from the emergency room at 10:24 last night about our 22 year old son.  Do not open your door if you are not 100% sure who is there.  He thought one of his friends were playing around with him by answereing in muffled tones.  He opened the door, saw someone walking across the driveway.  Before he could get hey out of his mouth, the guy with the rifle came from around the house and shoved it in his face, pushed him back through the door and hit him in the head, while he was on the floor the guy stepped on his chest and cocked the rifle as it to fire it.  He then put the rifle under his chin and made him walk around gathering things.  My son believes there were 3 or 4 of them.  He saw two although he was told not to look or he would die.  While in the bathroom they could here the ring leader with the gun telling the other guy what to get and yelling outside to someone else, Is the vehicle ready?  The cops took all sorts of pic, forensic was there for any blood, fibers, or whatever that wasn't my son's.  Hours of questioning.  So he is sleeping on the floor beside me as I type.  Please pray, he is very shook up. 
This is a true story;

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