Thursday, January 29, 2009


This week I was summoned for Jury Duty.  In our county, you only have to go one day, and if you're not picked for a jury, you're done for at least 12 months.  Well, today was my day, and I am not on a jury but I'm part of a huge jury pool for a trial that will last 4 weeks.  The trial has 3 defendants and will require 3 juries.  Because of the complexity, I and the rest of the fortunate ones will return on Feb 5, for Voir Dire.  Voir Dire is expected to last the rest of February and the trial all of April.

Should be interesting.  I've never been on a jury.  As soon as they find out Bob was LAPD for over 28 years the defense excuses me.  Now that I'm semi-retired, I wouldn't mind, but it would interfere with my Tai Chi class.  Well, we'll see.

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