Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cheap Dates

Sunday, the Business section of the L.A. Times featured Eight great three-hour dates on a $25 budget. "Times are tough. People are cutting back. But there must be a way to have fun without spending too much money." I thought this was a great spring-board for thinking about Valentines Day, on a budget.

Most of the ideas the reporter came up with can be adapted the anywhere and some of the ideas were much cheaper than their $25 budget. Sure we have the advantage of great weather, right now, but have some fun with these, and think outside the box

1. A walking tour of historic downtown L.A. Most urban areas offer free or inexpensive walking tours. A great way to spend time together, without spending much money. If there are no walking tours available, or that meet your time schedule, get ahold of a local travel guide, like Frommers or Fodor, and do what I did in Bermuda, walk your legs off, on your own schedule.

2. The planets align at Griffith Observatory. Perhaps there's an observatory in your area.

3. Breakfast and a hike. This is the ultimate cheap date, and exercise is included.

4. Cheap laughs and hot dogs in Hollywood. They visited the local comedy club.

5. Spending time with the toddler in San Diego. Kids are easy, if you don't have kids, do your friends a favor and borrow theirs for 3 hours.
6. Fresh seafood, good friends and a Malibu sunset. Pack a cooler and have a picnic at the beach, invited friends, if you're feeling friendly. No beach, think outside the box, how about a lake or stream, or your favorite park.

7. Nibbling, sipping and kayaking. Kayaking requires water, so think about it. This couple picked up portable snacks at their local Farmer's Market, and rented a kayak in Long Beach.

8. A night at the drive-in. I have wonderful memories of Drive-In movies. Here in Southern California we still have a couple, maybe you do to. These are the bonuses, you can talk during the movie, if you want; you can bring your own snacks, without having to be sneaky. If the weather is nice your can bring your lawn chairs and sit outside your car.

All images are from the L.A. Times.

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