Monday, February 9, 2009

Pirate Bob


Last week, when I returned from Jury Duty, on Thursday, Bob said when he woke up in the morning there was blood in the back of his eye. It got worse during the day, and he called and made an appointment with his Dr., who takes care of the back of his eyes. We went for that appt. on Friday, and he's scheduled for surgery this week on Thursday. The strange thing is all the blood is in the back of his eye, not visible at all in the front. The same thing happened 7 years ago to the other eye, so we knew what to expect. In the mean time, he can't see out of his left eye and without an eye patch the eye strains to function. So, we went to Walgreen's and got an eye patch for him to wear for one week.

Speaking of Jury Duty, I was selected to be on the jury. This is a first; usually a cops' wife gets an automatic pass from any defense attorney. Aarrrr.

This is a complex trial with three defendants and three juries. The actual trial starts in 6 weeks on 4/1. That's all I can and will say, except Aarrrr.

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