Sunday, February 8, 2009


I had a scan done on my thyroid last year.  (The results were good.)  The provider billed my insurance, the insurance adjusted, paid and advised me what my share was.  I paid.  Then this week I received a FINAL NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY, for said bill.  Of course I've never received any other communications with the provider.  This is such a time waster, and usually I just do the research, provide proof of payment any let it go; but this time the jerks really steamed me, for some reason.  Well, I know the reason, it was these 4 words - FINAL NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY, and the threat of "placing your account with a licensed collection agency".  Thank God, they're considering using some one with a license!  I know I'm rambling, but here's part of my response to them:

Dear Sir, Madame or Dumb Ass,

As you can see from the enclosed documents, THERE IS NO BALANCE DUE ON THIS ACCOUNT!!!

To review:

Your claim                                            $117.00               10/01/08

Patient Savings – that’s me                  73.98                10/15/08

Paid by Insurance                                   38.72                10/15/08

Paid by Patient                                          4.30                12/21/08

Total Due                                                    0.00                now or ever

I look forward to hearing that you agree with this assessment.

Thank you for your time.

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