Friday, February 20, 2009

Three Wishes.

I read this absolutely amazing story, at Daily Good.  A 4th grader, Tanner Smith,  as part of a class assignment, makes three wishes.  Two years later, he repeats one of those wishes, during a 6th grade assignment.  What is this wish that's so important to a grade schooler, "To make kids with cancer laugh".  When it appeared a 2nd time, his parents paid attention, and they did something about it.

 Tanner at 3 with his Dad, Craig. Tanner delivering Tanner's Totes.

The work done by Tanner Smith and his parents, Craig and Cathy, has resulted in goodies for more than 1,000 patients.  Tanner playing basketball for Clemson.

What are your three wishes?


Daryl said...

My real wish is for a bigger apartment with a separate room for Husband's 'office/editing bay' ... but so as not to seem totally selfish, I wish

a breakthrough in stem cell research
a Repubican party that stops acting like a teenager who didnt get asked to the dance
and last way to help end/solve drought in Africa

Janis said...

World peace, Cure for Cancer, A better America!

Swampwitch said...

Ditto what Janis says.

anecdotes said...

Ditto what Janis says.

Alison said...

I love heartwarming stories like this!!

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