Friday, March 6, 2009

How to choose a name

Again, a tip from Jess, an online Name Picker, What A Lovely Name.  The site offers a variety of catagories.

Traditons:  African-American, American, Armenian, and that's just the A's.
Dispositons:  Brave, Cute, Funny to name a few.
Celebrity Babies:  Athletes, Hollywood, Musicians, etc.
Other Worlds:  Narnia, Star Trek, Star Wars, and so on.

This would be fun, for those of us no longer having babies, to use to name pets, or as a time waster.  Like we need anymore time wasters in our lives!

I found my name under the Dispositions - Happy.  This is my name description:

This is a modern name. It is a variant of the name Jane, meaning "God is gracious".
Alternates: Janessa, Janiece, Janis, Jeanice, Jeneesa, Jenise
Tags: African-American, calm, gentle, happy

There were a variety of Janice logos available, in case I wanted to have some customized merchandise.


Carrie said...

I did that, too the other day, for the whole family, except Ole... I had to use his middle name. Cute bag!

Daryl said...

Fun .. how did you get those letters for your name down at the bottom of your blog? Love them.

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