Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tricia L Jameson

After reading about The Mother's Day project, I decided this was something I wanted to do. It was simple to get involved thanks to Anne at ThreadingWater - knitting and politics, together at last, blog. The soldier assigned to me is Tricia L. Jameson.

Staff Sgt. Tricia L. Jameson, 34, was killed near Trebil, Iraq, when a roadside bomb exploded near her Hum-Vee ambulance. She is survived by her mother, Patricia Marsh of Omaha.

Tricia was a member of the 313th Medical Company (Ground Ambulance) of Lincoln, Neb. She was a 1989 graduate of Millard South High School and attended Central Community College at Columbus from 1990-91.

She was mobilized to duty approximately a month ago. Prior to her deployment, Tricia was employed full-time by the Nebraska National Guard as a health care specialist at the Nebraska National Guard air base clinic in Lincoln.

According to unit officials, Jameson was the vehicle commander of an M997 Ambulance that was supporting a convoy mission from Camp Korean Village to the Treybul Border Crossing on the Iraqi – Jordan border. During the mission, they encountered a separate convoy of U.S. Marines that had been attacked with an Improvised Explosive Device leaving several wounded.
Jameson and her Ambulance driver were called forward to aid the wounded Marines. As Jameson’s Ambulance approached, a secondary Improvised Explosive Device detonated, killing Jameson, severely wounding the driver, and destroying the ambulance.

"Staff Sgt. Jameson’s mission was to save lives," said Maj. Gen. Roger Lempke . "Unfortunately, we’re up against an enemy that doesn’t distinguish between humanitarian support and combatants."

This is a posting from one of her cousins:
April 28, 2006

- Tricia, I miss you dearly and more every day. I think about you all the time and there is never ever a moment you are not on my mind. I love you, Imiss you and so does all our family. We miss you Trish, Keri

This is what one of her fellow soldiers said about her:

November 15, 2007

- To one hell of a soldier and person. Always caring about others more than herself. She set the example for others to follow and gave 100% in all she did. She was always dependable and there for you when you needed her, just a great person to work with. When our youngest son was born, she was the only person that showed up at the hospital from our section. She brought a stuffed animal along for our oldest boy who was four at the time so he didn't feel left out. Thats the kind of person she was. We miss her dearly! SFC Richard Wortman, USA-RET

I got my swatch in the mail Thursday afternoon, I felt a sense of urgency, and worked on it on Friday and Saturday. I'll get it in the mail to Anne on today. This is a close-up of my embroidery.


lisa's chaos said...

How nice! I've stumbled upon another tribute like this once before. Very touching and I love your embroidery.

Carrie Sue said...

I signed up for this the other day when you originally posted. What a great thing.

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