Monday, March 10, 2008

Expensive, extravagant, overpriced - what do you think?

You be the judge. As I mentioned yesterday, received a lot of catalogs last week. Among them was the J. Peterman Catalog. I honestly thought they'd folded several years ago, but they seem to have been resurrected.

Among the listings was a hat, (lid, chapeau), listed price: $698. It is a lovely hat, but 700 smack-a-roos, seems a bit much. Here is the great sales pitch:

Kentucky Derby Winner.
The real competition at Churchill Downs isn’t between the horses, my dear. It’s between the women’s hats. May I recommend this entry? Lush, romantic, impossible to overlook. People down in the infield will assume you have a thoroughbred in the running; just give them that little wave. 2008 Derby Day Hat (No. 2257). Fine Golden straw crown and wide brim with swoops and curves that change from every angle. Large, lush floral band in artful shades of Pink, Pale Green, and Cream. Handmade by a European company that’s been at it since Riley won the roses (1890).


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

It is a gorgeous hat, but for $700, I expect the flowers to be real and to come with a gardener to maintain them.

I've made hats like this one and really all you need is a plain hat, good (not cheap) fake flowers, and a glue gun.

Mel said...

My god...I don't think I've purchased anything over $500 with the exception of my laptop...i can't imagine spending $700 on a HAT!!! each his own:)

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