Saturday, March 15, 2008


I think it's interesting, how people found me. Here's a list from Google Analytics, I re-started it on 2/25, after my blog re-vamp:

AOL search: prytz

live: murrieta firefighter ameoba

search.msn: stickyfeathers

yahoo: betty-boop garden link: one is from feedjit)

"parasitic meningoencephalitis"
jan prytz
man ran out of gas saved by bee p
work out your age
"mind/body tricks"
"pink, pale green, and cream" hat
alison krauss & robin plant
all bran strawberry medley free sample

Also, 224 had been here previously, and 217 were first time visitors.

1 comment:

lisa marie said...

It is funny how people find us sometimes. :)

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