Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mixed Marriage

Earlier, I did a post quoting my friend Tom, who thinks Bob and I have a Mixed Species Marriage. Well, yes, we are very different. There are some things that are alike about us.

We are both 1/2 Scandinavian, that makes our kids 1/2 Scandinavian.

Bob is 1/2 Block-head Swede.

I am 1/2 Norwegian.

We have both always voted in every election, since we've been old enough to vote. But, usually not the same way.

We both read. I read widely, but my favorite is a good mystery. Bob reads mainly Science Ficton. He'll read other genre, but seldom.

When Bob reads, he really likes quiet.

And last but not least, we have very different opinions about what constitutes a caring relationship.

So, sometimes Mixed Species Marriage, sometimes Mixed Marriage. It keeps life interesting, never boring.


lisa marie said...

That sounds like a few people I know. :) My parents cancel each other out I swear.

jessica said...

that is such a great post! i got a good chuckle, thanks!

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