Saturday, April 19, 2008

Round Robin - Variety Show!

This is our assignment this week:

"Photograph something as viewed as an assortment...something that comes in different varieties. For example, it could be a bunch of flowers, or nuts, or crayons, or birds. The sky's the limit!"

I have to admit, when I read assortment, I transposed it to collection. So, today you're getting a favorite collection from me!

I also want to thank Karen, Carley and Steven for doing this wonderful Challenge

This is my collection of autographed baseballs.
Most of them were signed in the '80's,
the most recent was last year.

They are normally kept under my bed, in this box.

Here are some close-ups.
Duke Snyder, Maury Wills, Willie Mays.

Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Fernando Valenzuela and Ernie Banks.

All great guys.

And for VARIETY,

I also have a couple of autographs, that are not on baseballs.

Muhhamad Ali loves me, yes!

Joe Montana doesn't love me, but that's OK.
A footnote, I collected all these autographs, not Bob.

It really is my collection. Unusual, yes.

Here's some humor, from last Saturday's newspaper:

Now, go check all the other Robins.


Mrs. G. said...

I'm going to show my son your baseball collection. He's going to drool.

Sandcastle Momma said...

What an awesome collection! It must have been fun collecting them and the Ali glove is really cool!

TJ said...

Laughing...that is a real to life collection in every sence of the word!!
I also liked your slide show.
Great entry.

Carly said...

Hi Jan :)

How cool is that? You have a variety of signatures! Neat, neat, neat! Thank you for playing, your entry made me smile.

Always, Carly

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Wow. Williams, Mantle and Mays, et al. That's a serious collection! Not to mention Ali and Montana. That's quite a variety of sports legends. Thanks for showing these to us.

Randy and Kim said...

Great collection. NLM will be drooling if he stops by. Poor guy. He loves stuff like that. Great Round Robin post!

MariesImages said...

Oh MAN! You are so lucky! Love your collection of baseballs!! Especially Mickey Mantles! We are Yankee fans!

charish said...

Very cool. A boys dream. Thank yo for sharing.

Pamela said...

WOW! Awesome collection..just awesome.

Suzanne R said...

As an adult, I hadn't thought of myself as a baseball fan, but when I was a kid (many, many years ago) I collected baseball cards and Mickey Mantle was my favorite, so I must have liked the sport at one time. Then Maury Wills' son went to the same high school I did, in the suburbs of Spokane, and he was special because he was the only African American in the school, too. Can you say popular? LOL! I didn't personally know him but I was proud to have him in our high school. This baseball/sports collection is truly cool!

Teena said...

Wow! That's quite a collection!

Mine's up too :)

lisa marie said...

I would never have guessed this about you. I have a few balls and bats still left although have sold many of them. :) I sold my Mark McGuire Rookie card for over $300 when he hit all his runs. :) But think I still have his ball.

I love that you have Ali!

I saw variety as collection too, but I forgot and mine won't be up 'til tomorrow.

Kiva said...

I am soooooooo jealous.

Nancy said...

Interesting collection!!

(love the cartoon too)


Meandering Martha said...

I love your collection! I have a collection of Miami Dolphin stuff. One photo is of Dan Marino and Joe Montana, both signed it -- neither one loves me, LOL!

Wammy said...

We ar drewling over your baseball any Reds autographs?

jessica said...

oh jan that is amazing! very cool stuff!!

Family Affair Photography said...

Oh I know a few people who would LOVE this collection! What a cool collection you have. I've met Joe Montana he's a nice down to earth guy or so he seemed. :-)

Sorry I didn't get by sooner, I was away on vacation with limited computer time.


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