Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's 40-or-less Photo Challenge

This week's Friday's 40-or-less Photo Challenge is simple but with the potential for great fun.

Choices, choices, it should be simple.

Salt: Kosher, Hawaiian or Maldon sea salts,

Black, Rock, Pickling, Sel gris,

Table, iodized, non-iodized.

Pepper: dry red, black, cayenne, white,

szechwan, sansho, togarashi, guindilla.

How do you choose?


PENSIEVE said...

Ha! I'm the master of indecision and you just introduced me to some choices I didn't even know existed! VERY cool handling of this oh, so common household've even made it educational.

Thanks, Jan!


~ Robin

lisa marie said...

I had no idea there were so many choices! No I will be confused forever, thanks a lot. :)

Proverbs31 said...

Yes. :) These "common staples" come in so many varieties! It's kind of funny to think of something being universal and diverse at the same time. :)


storyteller said...

Like Lisa, I had no idea there were so many options either. Interesting ‘take’ on this week’s photo.
Hugs and blessings,

Peculiar said...

Jan, I knew there were other choices, but didn't know the names of all of them. Thanks for educating us. This was fun. Now you're make me look some of these up on the internet to learn more and perhaps where we can get some of them from.

karisma said...

he he, I think I shall just take them all. After all, variety is the spice of life!

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