Friday, June 27, 2008

Mrs. G's Open House - It's a house party!!

Mrs. G is asking us to join a bloggish open house this Friday, June 27th, that's today, and share -
"a little slice of your life."
"Reader, where is the heart of your home?
What room in your house makes you breathe
easier-makes you feel genuinely content."

This is the deal, I have a small home, and I love it. You're welcome any time, and most likely will find me here, in the living room stretched out on the sofa, reading. For your visit today, I didn't clean or straighten, sorry, there to many other fun things to do. Trips to the Museum, today we're going to see the Terracotta Soldiers from China, trips to the swimming pool, and many books to read, and stories to post. So you see, we're in disarray, but you're always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Look at all that amazing reading material. So many possibilties; it's like a library. AND, a comfortable sofa to recline on.

The Terracotta Soldiers?! Really? Please take photos if you're allowed, because I've always wanted to see them. Can you imagine them when they were first found -- all those rows and rows and rows?

Louise said...

I like that you're comfortable with a little disarray. The pile of books looks enough to make ANYone happy!

Chris & Allie said...

I love that you are Pepsi fan too!

Kimberly said...

A cozy sofa and a stack of good books; what could be better?

lisa marie said...

Oh your reading area looks devine!

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