Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saucy's Wedding Party - Ya All Come

This is the invitation:

Do you love looking at wedding photos? I do. Let's see yours, please! On Thursday, June 26th, play along with me at my Virtual Wedding Party. Post photos from your wedding - they can be pretty or funny or just pretty funny! Tell us a story! What happened at your wedding? Did Aunt Marge trip and fall on the cake? Who caught the bouquet, and did they get married yet? We'd love to hear it. Don't spare any details

This is the happy couple.
(I made my wedding gown.)

This is our wedding party. A friend of the
family made the attendants dresses.

My total budget for my wedding was $500.00.

The year is 1964, I hope that explains dyed to match dresses and pointy shoes.

The unhappy bridesmaid on the left is one of Bob's sisters.
She eventually married Bob's best friend, the Best Man!

This is me with my Dad.

And this is my whole family.

This is Bob's family.
The sister on the right, who looks so happy,

sobbed, loud racking sobs through the entire ceremony.

Bob's mother told every one who would listen
that our marriage would last a year.

So much for predictions, we've managed to last 44 years, and counting.


Melissa said...

Wonderful! We don't have any pics of my husband's family (together) at the wedding - they didn't want to be photographed. I love that you made your own dress!

Oliver Rain said...

You were such a sweet bride. Great job on your wedding gown & congratulations on making it past the first year! ha ha.

alittlebitofscrap said...

Oh Wow, love your dress! and esp your head piece. I love looking at wedding pictures from the 60's. Everyone looks so perfect and those head pieces! Congrats on making it 44 years, I hope to make it at least that long :)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Wonderful wedding pics! Mine will be posted later on today, so please come check them out.

Angelic Accents

Karen said...

Oh Thank You for sharing! I love the pictures and your story.
You sure showed the MIL didn't you? 44 years is impressive!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely. I love 1960s fashions, so I really enjoyed these photos. My parents' wedding in 1968 looked mighty similar.

MJ said...

Congrats for beating the one-year prediction! Here's to many more happy years ahead!

ALF said...

What fun! I am still obsessed with my wedding pictures (just got married last year). I am also still depressed that we didn't get an official album from our photographer. I might be sad about that forever.

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh! you made yourself an amazing gown! great pictures - thanks for sharing. :) and here's to another 44!

Heidi said...

Wow, congratulations on 44 years, fantastic! I hope your mother-in-law loosened up after the first year passed :))

Thanks for the photos, it's so fun to see the old fashions (which are sorta back...) and to see that weddings are also universal to time and place anyway, we all share the same feelings on those days.

lisa marie said...

You two are the cutest! I love the kissing shot! MILs don't know everything.

Janet said...

even the way she was looking at you in that last picture...yeegads! 44 years, congrats!!! That's awesome :-)

Pamela said...

the budget.
the bridesmaid dresses.
the beautiful bride.

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