Sunday, June 8, 2008


Bob and I are eating lunch today, we're still reading the Sunday newspapers, and I burst out laughing, practically fall off my chair. He says, Are you through? I say, Not yet!!

This is what made me laugh:

"One time a Frenchwoman
came in asking for 'cah-MUSS",
and Karen and I got really scared.
It was very unsettling. We were all
like: 'Why is she saying it that way?
She's French! What do we do?'"
- Margarita Shalin,
St. Mark's Bookshop

NYTimes Book Review, page 31

I guess you have to be a bookseller, Bob just looked at me, when I read it to him.


Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Ummm OK. I'm just looking at you too!

lisa marie said...

SOrry, I'm clueless. What's Cah-MUSS? commas? comics? the name of an author?

Mrs. G. said...

Snort. Book humor. I love it.

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