Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Real Life

This week Jessica of Farm Fresh wants to know "how you roll". This is a new meme for me, but not being shy I thought I'd jump right in.

It's Real Life is a blog photo fest in which you take pictures of assigned parts of your real life without staging the area, primping or cleaning or picking up. This week's assignment is "How I Roll".

Well, I roll in an XB. I really love it.
It has personality and one of our friends call it the Prytz-mobile!

I like that the dash is easy to read and part analog and part digital.

The XB has a great sound system, and these are the CD's I'm rotating,
sorry for the poor photo.

This is the rear deck, I keep my Tai Chi teaching supplies here. One bag for my notebooks, one to carry the Tai Chi Balls, and my ever-ready boom box, for the Tai Chi music.


Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Am liking your music selection lots!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

What a cool ride! And so tidy.

Love how you roll!

lisaschaos said...

This looks like a fun meme! I sure miss my Xa every time you talk about your Xb - we certainly thought we would be getting an Xb until hubby tried to get his huge foot on the gas pedal. :(

Btw - We are over half way through with Odd Hours! Can you believe it? I only read to him while he's driving so this is really quick for us. I have sure missed Koontz's style and told hubby I will have to read Intensity to him next as he's never read it and my memory has it classified as my favorite book. We'll see if i still feel that way. :)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

I'm liking your ride!!!

gina said...

First of all do you get an employee discount? Because I am SO applying for job if you do.

Love your cool ride- glad to see there is light at the end of minivan tunnel. ;)

jenontheedge said...

That is a seriously cute vehicle.

Oliver Rain said...

Is it always so clean? Very cute.

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