Thursday, August 28, 2008


Colleen at MommyAlwaysWins, (don't you just love the name of her blog?), commented about how her hubs is the worse when it comes to doing laundry.

Doing laundry isn’t my fave thing either. This is how I solved this, in case you're interested. As soon as my girls, were old enough to reach the controls on the washer and dryer, I taught them to do their own laundry. Then, I thought, “Wow, this is great, but I’m still doing tons of laundry!”

I kicked my brain in gear and figured out why. Bob had 4-5 times as much laundry as I did and he was very happy to have me do it for him. Well, I rebelled and informed him that if he wanted clean clothes, he could do his own laundry. I even bought him his own hamper. The poor guy wasn’t all that happy, but oh, well.

The reason he had so much more laundry that me, and still does, are two fold. My laundry consist of mainly under clothes, panties, bras and socks. I’m not very messy, and don’t perspire or have oily skin, so my outer clothes can be worn more than once. Now, Bob not only is messy, he perspires, has oily skin, and he’s an athlete. He’ll will change his clothes from the skin out, one, two, or three times a day, and each time, everything, except maybe Levi’s have to be washed, before being worn again. Before we retired, his work clothes were always sent to the dry cleaners; first, because he was in uniform, then when he made detective, he wore a suit every day with a shirt and tie; so we’re just talking leisure clothing and underwear, here.

To this day, Bob still does his own laundry. It’s been over 35 years, since I started this program, and he’s gotten used to the idea, and he's never had to hang it on a clothes line. That may have been the deal-breaker.


Wammy said...

I love doing laundry. I even more love being able to hang it outside and let it sun and air dry. Two smells so good and secondly...I am trying to live a little greener much to my families distaste. The first three kids never did their own laundry. But that will not be the smae for the last two. The 17 year old has been doing her own laundry for about 2 years...seems she smarted off about something having to do with laundry and I just handed her the detergent and bleach and said have at it. The 6 year old is being broken in easily...he helps take colthes off the line, puts his laundry down the shoot, helps to sort and put away. I'm trying to make him a good husband.

lisaschaos said...

I hate laundry and taught my kids as soon as they could reach as well. :) we've all always had our own hampers (5 males in the house leads to confusion of whose socks are whose - I know that's not correct but am too lazy to figure out the proper who/whom etc) but I still do hubby's and mine. He will occasionally through some in with just him and I, I don't mind doing our little amounts. :)

dot said...

You got that man trained right!!

Flutterby said...

My kids have done their own as soon as they were old enough too. Not because I was tired of doing it (Well ok.. I was..) but because I refuse to unleash helpless adults into the world. They also know how to cook. Hub does his own as well, because he made the big mistake, ONE TIME, of complaining how *I* did it. I told him I was not his mother and if he didn't like the way I did his laundry he could damn well do it himself. That was 18+ years ago. I haven't washed so much as a stitch of his clothing since.

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